This week I am proud to announce our blog discussion is for Technology class! Since we voted in class, most of you wanted to do the Fortune Cookie video so that’s what we’ll do. You can find the video on the website Mister Roger’s Neighborhood here.

Watch the video and pay special attention to these key vocabulary words: eggs, flour, cookie batter, food coloring, vanilla, conveyor belt, and fortune.  What does the food coloring do? What does “fortune” refer to in the name fortune cookie (hint: it has NOTHING to do with money $$$). After watching the video, if you learned any new words post a definition for the new vocabulary word.  If you aren’t sure of how to say something you saw in the video, ask your classmates if they know what the word means or “what is the word for…the little paper in the cookie? The white powder they use in the beginning of the video?” etc.

If you want to know some more about fortune cookies you can read the Wikipedia page for some general information, or even BETTER check out this history of the fortune cookie. There are some interesting “Legendary” theories about the origins of the fortune cookie.
For your posts, I would like you to look at this Fortune Cookie Generator. Click on the cookie to get a random fortune and a set of lucky numbers. Then, post your fortune and what you think it means (in English and/or a Spanish translation of the fortune). If you aren’t sure, take a guess and see what your classmates think and we can help each other.  What do you think about your fortune? Do you like it? Does it seem true or a bit ridiculous? What other fortunes have you gotten from fortune cookies before? Do you believe in the fortunes? Do you think they often come out to be true? Are you a superstitious or a skeptical person? Do you believe in bad or good luck and why? Lucky charms, Friday the 13th, tarot cards, palm reading, the crystal ball, black cats?! The discussion is completely open to you!

P.S. If you like to bake, here’s a recipe to make your own fortune cookies!

P.P.S. Also, I know some of you wanted to do the guitar video so obviously you can watch the video on your own and if you decide to do so, this website will help you with the terms for the different parts of the guitar. This is of course just for your own personal information—our posts this week are about fortune cookies.