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La Palma and the Mega Tsunami Theory

Ok so the first discussion we are going to have will be for your science class (geology). The topic: Volcanoes, Landslides and Mega Tsunamis!

I’m sure you’ve all seen some things on the news lately about the volcanic eruption on El Hierro. Obviously volcanoes can cause a lot of destruction and many people were forced to flee the island until scientists could say when it would be safe for people to return to their homes. Some people interested in geological phenomena such as the El Hierro volcano get really excited about the opportunity for scientific observation (they should ask the people who live and work on the island how scientifically interesting they think the eruption is).

In this post, we will play the roles of the interested geologist and speculate about the possibility of a Mega Tsunami that some believe will be caused by a massive landslide breaking off La Palma in the Canary Islands. The first thing I think of when I see videos about massive waves of destruction like this is the possibility of riding the wave, or swimming through it. In real life: not possible. But let’s mix reality with informed imagination.

Take a look at this video and consider this Mega Tsunami Theory. Post your comments after watching the video and maybe reading a bit of the different opinions about the topic. Here are a couple websites I found useful (you don’t have to read them all but they could help you with your post):

BBC Mega Tsunami Q and A

Natural Disasters Waiting to Happen

The Case Against La Palma Tsunami

What do you think about this Mega Tsunami possibility? What does the evidence tell you? Will it really happen or is it just a sensational story to scare people? Do you know any movies or books that address this concern with the destructive forces of nature? Imagine you lived in one of the cities that might get hit—what would you do to prepare or evacuate (life rafts anyone)?

These are just some questions to get you thinking but I encourage you all to make ANY comment at all you might have related to the Mega Tsunami. Think of this as a journal that you can write anything on. You can also respond to the comments of your classmates (maybe you disagree with someone, or maybe you agree and have something to add). The comments are completely up to you so get to work and voice your opinions!


Let’s begin folks!

Hey there 3rd year! This is going to be your blog with me—your online host and English Auxiliar—Rudi Kraeher. I admit that this is my first attempt at making a blog so it should improve as I play around with it more. I’ve included a picture here of a very famous monument from my city, Love Park, with the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Philadelphia Museum of Art in the background.

Fun fact: The “LOVE” sculpture is partly a reference to Philadelphia’s motto, “The city of brotherly love.”

Over the course of the year we will use the blog in a number of ways.

For one, it will serve as a forum for hosting class discussions. Sometimes I will post questions related to class material for you to comment on and discuss as a group on the blog. At other times the questions might not be related to class content at all!

I will also be using it as a source of information for you all. I might post links to online resources for English, items of cultural interest, photos, articles, videos, songs etc.

My hope is to make it always interesting and engaging so that you all want to visit the blog and make your own contributions to the discussions. For now I’ll link you to a short blurb about Philadelphia that is brief and easy to read. You’ll also find a number of pictures of Philly and other “beautiful” American cities as well.

Philadelphia and more in the USA!

If you would like to see a page with a collection of some common American English idiomatic expressions and slang terms, you can check out this site if you click here! This website also has a lot of other useful pages to help you with grammar, idioms and conversational English.